Insolvency advice and TV Advertisements


You have probably seen one of the TV advertisements that say something like "we have £....... million under management".


What do these companies actually do?


We suggest you research by reading up on the paperwork that is sent to you by TV advertisers. Do not, however, sign up for their services until you have fully reviewed that paperwork and researched this website.


Many TV advertisers do not provide a long term solution to your problems. They merely keep your creditors off your back for a while at a further cost (the administration charges - quite often 15%) to you.


Once you have read the paperwork from a TV advertiser ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does their solution protect my home, furniture and car long term?


  • Does their solution protect my business long term?


  • Does their solution only provide temporary respite without fundamentally changing your financial position?


We have no wish to criticise all TV advertisers.


What we do criticise is the sale of inappropriate packages that do not address the fundamental personal insolvency key issues and problems.

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