Insolvency Advice, Choices & Options for Limited Companies facing cash pressures

Alternative benefits from Administration, pre packs, CVAs, Phoenix Companies


This section of the web site addresses the insolvency advice, options and choices available to your limited company if it is coming under financial pressure.  For example there are cash or solvency pressures such as an unsatisfied County Court Judgment (CCJ) or a winding up petition.  The available insolvency choices and alternatives can provide different financial benefits - often of a very substantial amount.


As you dig deeper into the index on the left hand side of this page (or click on the links below)  you will read the related insolvency law, an explanation and simple Case Studies concerning the insolvency advice and options available to your limited company. You can then learn more about the following insolvency choices available to companies:

  • Limited Company Insolvency Advice - Option 1 - How to legitimately set up a phoenix company. And how you then benefit from a sharp reduction in the sums of money owing.


  • Company Voluntary Arrangement Advice - Option 2 - When a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) might be appropriate. How you can benefit from being allowed time to repay your creditors without pressure over a period of years and usually at a substantial discount of the total amount owed.


  • Section 1003 Application Advice - Option 3 - How it is sometimes possible to avoid a formal insolvency process altogether. Benefit from much lower costs or no costs at all by using the provisions of Section 1003 to 1009 of the Companies Act 2006. [Formerly section 652 of The Companies Act 1985.] (Not available if a winding up petition has already been issued against your company).


  • Administration Advice - Option 4 - How to obtain a breathing space from creditors enforcement  actions by using an Administration to freeze those creditors. Your Limited Company can benefit from not having its assets seized. Instead you obtain time to plan a way forward away from the pressure of creditors' threats.


  • Pre-Pack Administration Advice - Option 5 - How to save the underlying business of your Company by using a pre packaged administration. Benefit from restructuring your company and restarting with none of the old liabilities.


Any creditor who has obtained a County Court Judgment against your Limited Company also has a series of options open to them to enforce that Judgment. Each of those collection choices could prejudice the continued existence of your Limited Company. If you wish to read about the enforcement options open to any of your creditors who hold a County Court Judgment follow this link.


We provide free advice to explain the insolvency options, choices and alternatives open to your Limited Company. We will ensure that all advice, options and choices are taylor made to address the particular financial circumstances of your Company. We can also advise on your personal objectives and assist in rescuing the underlying business of your Limited Company.