Index to the Insolvency Rules 1986 that apply to Administrations

Insolvent administration of limited companies



The statute law relating to Administrations is found firstly at Schedule B1 to The Insolvency Act 1986; and secondly the more detailed provisions are set out in The Insolvency Rules 1986. 


To the left of this webpage is an index to all of the Administration Insolvency Rules 1986. Those Rules relating to Administrations are numbered from Rule 2.1 to Rule 2.58 (of The Insolvency Rules 1986).


It is not necessary for you to read these Rules as firstly they are written in technical language and secondly we are happy to provide free advice on any insolvency Rule or indeed on any insolvency related matter related to company administrations.


The Rules relating to Administrations are reproduced as links to the side index in order that you might read up on the actual wording of any particular Rule in which you are interested.