Rule 2.12 Insolvency Rules 1986

The hearing

(1) At the hearing of the administration application, any of the following may appear or be represented– 


(a) the applicant;


(b) the company;


(c) one or more of the directors;


(d) if an administrative receiver has been appointed, that person;


(e) any person who has presented a petition for the winding-up of the company;


(f) the person proposed for appointment as administrator;


(g) if a member State liquidator has been appointed in main proceedings in relation to the company, that person;


(h) any person that is the holder of a qualifying floating charge;


(j) any supervisor of a voluntary arrangement under Part I of the Act;


(k) with the permission of the court, any other person who appears to have an interest justifying his appearance.


(2) If the court makes an administration order, it shall be in Form 2.4B.


(3) If the court makes an administration order, the costs of the applicant, and of any person whose costs are allowed by the court, are payable as an expense of the administration.