Rule 2.27 Insolvency Rules 1986

(1) The notice of appointment to be given by the administrator as soon as reasonably practicable after appointment under paragraph 46(2)(b) shall be gazetted and may be advertised in such other manner as the administrator thinks fit.


(2) The administrator shall, as soon as reasonably practicable after the date specified in paragraph 46(6), give notice of his appointment– 

(a) if a receiver or an administrative receiver has been appointed, to him;

(b) if there is pending a petition for the winding up of the company, to the petitioner (and also to the provisional liquidator, if any);

(c) to any [enforcement officer]3 who, to the administrator's knowledge, is charged with execution or other legal process against the company; 

(d) to any person who, to the administrator's knowledge, has distrained against the company or its property; and

(e) any supervisor of a voluntary arrangement under Part I of the Act.

(3) Where, under a provision of Schedule B1 to the Act or these Rules, the administrator is required to send a notice of his appointment to any person other than the registrar of companies he shall do so in Form 2.12B.