Rule 2.28 Insolvency Rules 1986

(1) In this Chapter “ relevant person”  shall have the meaning given to it in paragraph 47(3).

(2) The administrator shall send notice in Form 2.13B to each relevant person whom he determines appropriate requiring him to prepare and submit a statement of the company's affairs.

(3) The notice shall inform each of the relevant persons– 

(a) of the names and addresses of all others (if any) to whom the same notice has been sent;

(b) of the time within which the statement must be delivered;

(c) of the effect of paragraph 48(4) (penalty for non-compliance); and

(d) of the application to him, and to each other relevant person, of section 235 (duty to provide information, and to attend on the administrator, if required).

(4) The administrator shall furnish each relevant person to whom he has sent notice in Form 2.13B with the forms required for the preparation of the statement of affairs.