Rule 2.34 Insolvency Rules 1986

(1) As soon as reasonably practicable after an invitation to the initial creditors' meeting has been sent to the creditors in compliance with the requirements of paragraph 51(1), the administrator

must have gazetted a notice which, in addition to the standard contents, must state—

(a)  that an initial creditors’ meeting is to take place; and

(b)  the venue fixed for the meeting.

(1A) The information required to be gazetted under paragraph (1) may also be advertised in such other manner as the administrator thinks fit.

(2) Notice in Form 2.19B to attend the meeting shall be sent out at the same time to any directors or officers of the company (including persons who have been directors or officers in the past) whose presence at the meeting is, in the administrator's opinion, required.

(3) Where the court orders an extension to the period set out in paragraph 51(2)(b) the administrator shall send a notice in Form 2.18B to each person to whom he is required to send notice by paragraph 49(4).

(4) If at the meeting there is not the requisite majority for approval of the administrator's proposals (with modifications, if any), the chairman may, and shall if a resolution is passed to that effect, adjourn the meeting for not more than 14 days (subject to any direction by the court).