Rule 2.6 Insolvency Rules 1986

Service of application

Rule 2.6 details who the Application to Appoint an Administrator must be served on, once it has been filed in court.

The exact wording of R2.6 is contained below in bold.


2.6 - Service of application

(1) In the following paragraphs of this Rule, references to the application are to a copy of the application issued by the court under Rule 2.5(2) together with the witness statement required by Rule 2.4 and the documents attached to the application.


(2) Notification for the purposes of paragraph 12(2) shall be by way of service in accordance with Rule 2.8, verified in accordance with Rule 2.9.


(3) The application shall be served in addition to those persons referred to in paragraph 12(2)– 


(a) if an administrative receiver has been appointed, on him;


(b) if there is pending a petition for the winding-up of the company, on the petitioner (and also on the provisional liquidator, if any);


(c) if a member State liquidator has been appointed in main proceedings in relation to the company, on him;


(d) on the person proposed as administrator;


(e) on the company, if the application is made by anyone other than the company;


(f) if a supervisor of a voluntary arrangement under Part I of the Act has been appointed, on him.