Rule 2.8 Insolvency Rules 1986

Manner in which service to be effected

(1) Service of the application in accordance with Rule 2.6 shall be effected by the applicant, or his solicitor, or by a person instructed by him or his solicitor, not less than 5 business days before the date fixed for the hearing.


(2) Service shall be effected as follows– 

(a) on the company (subject to paragraph (3) below), by delivering the documents to its registered office;


(b) on any other person (subject to paragraph (4) below), by delivering the documents to his proper address;


(c) in either case, in such other manner as the court may direct.


(3) If delivery to a company's registered office is not practicable, service may be effected by delivery to its last known principal place of business in England and Wales.


(4) Subject to paragraph (5), for the purposes of paragraph (2)(b) above, a person's proper address is any which he has previously notified as his address for service; but if he has not notified any such address, service may be effected by delivery to his usual or last known address.(5) In the case of a person who– 


(a) is an authorised deposit-taker or former authorised deposit-taker;


(b)(i) has appointed, or is or may be entitled to appoint, an administrative receiver of the company, or


(ii) is, or may be, entitled to appoint an administrator of the company under paragraph 14; and


(c) has not notified an address for service, the proper address is the address of an office of that person where, to the knowledge of the applicant, the company maintains a bank account or, where no such office is known to the applicant, the registered office of that person, or, if there is no such office, his usual or last known address.