Period of Disqualification of Unfit Directors under Section 6 of The Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986


Under Section 6 of The Company Directors Disqualification 1986 an unfit director shall be disqualified by a Court from acting as a director in the future for a period ranging from two years to fifteen years.


The actual period of disqualification ordered will depend on the courts view of the gravity of the unfit conduct. Since The Directors Disqualification Act 1986 was enacted decided case law provides an indicator of the "gravity of unfitness" and so over that period a scale of unfitness has effectively been derived. Obviously the worse or more serious the actions of the director the longer the period of disqualification will be.


The case law on The Companies Directors Disqualification Act  that follows provides an indicator of when a Court would disqualify a director for a period of two years as against a disqualification order for more serious "unfitness" for a period of fifteen years.