The Insolvent Partnerships Order 1994 - Introduced two further insolvency options

for Insolvent Partnerships - Those are Partnership Administrations & Partnership Voluntary Arrangements (PVA's)


The Insolvent Partnerships Order 1994 added two further insolvency vehicles (or options) for partnerships experiencing financial difficulty and those further choices are called:


  • Partnership Voluntary Arrangements &


  • Partnership Administration


The Insolvent Partnerships Order 1994 also allows a creditor to bring a bankruptcy petition against one or more partner without seeking to wind up the partnership. If this happens, the partner / partners involved would pay the debt and then claim this back from the remaining partner/partners, or they could be made bankrupt.


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Do you believe that your partnership is insolvent and that a freeze on the business creditors is needed because of cash flow pressures?  If you do, that result might be achieved either by a proposing a Partnership Voluntary Arrangement or by arranging a  Partnership Administration.