Plan A and Plan B

It is always helpful to have a plan A and B and sometimes even a plan C and D.

The following options are examples of what might be available to a sole trader working as a plumber with 2 employees who is in financial difficulty.

Plan A

Propose an IVA, offering to pay monthly instalments and the equity in his property, whilst continuing to operate as a sole trader retaining the business as it is with two employees.


Plan B

Propose an IVA, offering to pay lower monthly contributions, together with the equity in his property. To also downsize the business and lay off the 2 employees, thus reducing overheads and profits, but at the same time, selling 2 vehicles, with the proceeds being paid into the IVA.


Plan C

Close the business and obtain PAYE employment and then propose an IVA offering the business assets together with affordable monthly payments.


Plan D

Petition for his own bankruptcy and continue trading in line with the rules of Bankruptcy. With all non exempt assets being realised by the Official Receiver.

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