Why Choose Purnells Insolvency Practitioners?

For key advice on the company difficulty matters that concern you most of all

Key staff at Purnells Insolvency Practitioners undertake a continuous rolling programme of market research regarding rescue from company difficulty.

That research also determines the perceptions of referrers of businesses to Purnells such as practising accountants, solicitors and bankers.

Comments made by those professionals include:

  • "does not talk gobbledygook"
  • "straight"
  • "interest of clients at heart"
  • "clear and clean solutions"
  • "has empathy"
  • "professional and efficient"

Read on if you wish to get an idea of Purnells Insolvency Practitioners  approach whether you have company or personal financial difficulties.

Company Difficulties & Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

If you have a company with financial problems we listen to your ideas and plan a solution together.

One solution could be to make your existing company financially stronger. In that regard Purnells can assist in the areas of:

  • Raising finance in turnaround situations
  • Interim turnaround management
  • Restructuring solutions
  • Getting rid of an overhang of debt

Alternatively, if it is necessary to close your existing business and re-start in a phoenix company Purnells can advise on:

  • Re-finance and acquisition of key assets
  • Management (if needed)
  • Re-use of company name
  • Employees

Personal Difficulties & Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

We concentrate on what concerns you. If your difficulties are of a personal nature we know that your major concerns are likely to be your:

  • Home
  • Furniture
  • Car
  • Job (or business)
  • Future

You will be surprised at what can be done.

Purnells Licensed Insolvency Practitioners will research your final situation and will give the best advice on the key issues that concern you most of all.

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